Ponds & Water Features

View some examples of our Ponds and Water Features.

There are so many ways in which a pond or water feature can complete your garden experience.  Whether you have a large or small, country or town garden, a pond can provide you with a natural oasis in which to retreat at the end of a busy day.

When properly planted and maintained, ponds can attract more variety of wildlife than any other single feature in your garden, so careful design can incorporate seating areas for observation and paths on which to stroll and enjoy.

If you?re not attracted by the idea of a full blown pond a water feature of stone, stainless, or glass may well be what you desire.  Depending on design, your water feature can add a modern or traditional twist to your garden while providing that stress busting boost - the sound of running water!

The combination of design, knowledge and fine workmanship ensures that Sandstone creates ponds that compliment their habitats through time and water features that are constructed to last.