Natural Swimming Pools

Sandstone of Tunbridge Wells are pleased to have joined forces with Clear Water Revival and their partner network, to produce the finest Natural Swimming Pools possible.

Why have ?natural? swimming pools?

Many of us enjoy swimming in water that is chlorine free so a ?natural? Swimming Pool constructed by Sandstone of Tunbridge Wells, may well be just what you are looking for. The bio-filtration system of Clear Water Revival pools coupled with the bespoke nature of the pool?s design ensures that you will have a clean, low maintenance, environmentally friendly swimming pool that compliments your garden?s landscape.

Why Choose Sandstone and Clear Water Revival?

?We are passionate about creating simply beautiful, naturally filtered swimming pools.  Excellence in design married to an acute attention to detail ensures that you will be overjoyed with your new, bespoke swimming pool.? 
David Nettleton ? Clear Water Revival

In a nut shell:

Bespoke design ? Any natural swimming pool design is possible. Take a look at the breadth of options available through five swimming pool types.
Environmentally friendly ? The pools are created to reduce the energy needed to keep the ambient water warmer than in a traditional chemical pool and the water should never need changing.
Low ongoing running costs and maintenance.
Fully guaranteed.

Similar build cost to a chemical pool.

View some examples of Natural Swimming Pools.