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The entrance to your home, either through a driveway or front garden, is worth taking time to think about as it gives that all important first impression.  Regardless of whether you?re selling the house or not it is you who will be regularly returning home and welcoming visitors. Better to arrive back to a space that you enjoy and take pride in.

Ask yourself the question of how the space is going to work, to be welcoming and also able to accommodate cars while having easy access to the front door.  These elements require the same principles of design whether you have a small, urban space or a large area at the end of a sweeping driveway.

Add in the other variables of planting, surface materials, security and drainage and the whole project becomes more of a challenge.  Sandstone?s many years of practical experience can provide you with the perfect solution, addressing all these issues while providing you with a front garden and drive that you?ll be proud of.

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