Our Environmental Policy

Reduce Re-use Recycle

We’d like to highlight the ways in which we feel we can take more care of our environment.


- the amount of kitchen and green garden waste by composting.
- the amount of water needed by mulching borders and beds.
- the amount of chemical pest control and fertiliser.
- the amount of electricity needed in your garden by using solar powered or L.E.D. lighting.
- the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.
- our carbon footprint by using locally sourced materials.
- water wastage by targeting our watering and not using sprinklers.


- existing plants.
- rain water collected in butts.
- hard landscaping materials, eg. using a concrete crusher for unwanted paving to become the sub-base for a new driveway.
- soil, during your landscaping project keep the existing soil and redistribute it.


- water
- we will use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible.
- use your own compost.
- wherever possible have a designated area in which to store recyclable waste products until collected or taken to the local dump.
- all printed material is on recycled paper.

The 3Rs presentation does not mention the term Conservation. Obviously looking after what we already have in our gardens and encouraging what we want, by using existing flora and fauna, reaps its own rewards. Plant the appropriate shrubs and you will attract the insects and birds you want to be surrounded by. Keep and encourage “native” areas for wild flowers to floursh and grow fruit and vegetables to enjoy the taste of fresh produce.


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